Monday, October 22, 2012

Beach Trip

We decided that this was the year we would attempt our first weeklong family vacation, complete with a nine hour drive, to the beach. Success!

Pit stop at the Peach Park

This kid eats hotdogs like sandwiches (longways). He cannot be persuaded to do it any other way.

First meal oceanside
Beach-combing with Daddy

You know my kids love to dig so the beach was pretty awesome for them

The boys discovered putt-putt

Everyday about 4:00 Emory would lose it

Boo fries!

Air Show

David took the boys to the air show. Jack loved it but Emory was pretty scared by all the noise, so he didn't make a lot of the photos...

This is what excitement looks like in a 4-year-old boy

Visit from The Freunds

My good friend from high school came to visit it with us for a couple of nights in August. Her husband is serving in Afghanistan right now so he wasn't with them. Addie and Emory were born just days apart. It's always so nice to watch the kids of my friends play with my kids. 


They came up with this elaborate game that involved race car track, kleenex, noodles and a racing flag. 

Welcome to Kentucky, Addie.


In August, we decided to take a quick trip down to Nashville for the night to eat some good food and swim at the hotel pool and visit the science museum. 

Of course we went to Jack's...

At the Science Museum--center of the universe

Sacked out on the hotel couch after watching the Olympics

The best thing about hotels? Luggage carts and glass elevators. 

Banh mi at Miss Saigon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made the Paper

The boys are famous. While we were at the splash park the other day, a reporter from the local paper showed up to take some pictures and the boys made the cut. Click here to see their big break.


Beating the heat at the library


Taking a break at the splash park

Mommy and Jack Lunch Date

Our biggest (and pretty much only) harvest

No, we did not grow these but we did can them!